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Sunday, November 26, 2006

George Micheal

Was brilliant!!I missed two cyber crops and the Wyverstone Christmas crop and lunch but i have to say it was worth it. Our seats were good ( not that we sat down LOL) I LOVED the set and George seemed to be really enjoying himself too. Would loved to be at the final concert on 17th Dec at wembly ( ticket are on sale today). Got in at 3.45 this morning ...looong day.
STILL no scrapping done..just don't seem to be able to settle at the mo..keep starting stuff.
Am teaching year 10's to do teabag folding next week!! The boys will LOVE that LOL!
Can't think of anything else exciting to tell you ATM.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Nets!!!!

Hope you have a brilliant day :)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Evening :)

Concert last night was quite good. I am not a big fan of jazz/softrock but i enjoyed myself. Thought that Andy Fairweather-low was brilliant!
Started reading this book and loving it. I didn't watch much of BB until i found out that he had Tourettes. As two of my children also suffer i found it really interesting. I just LOVE his far a great book. ( only on chapter four so far )

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bad Blogger!!

A whole week since i blogged and no scrapping done as such. Things are starting to get so busy now.
I am typning this while i eat my tea as i am off to see Bill Wyman with a girl friend i haven't seen for ages ( today is her birthday...Happy Birthday Pat!..she won't read this LOL).
On antihistamine at the moment as there is something weird going on with my mouth...NO COMMENTS please LOL..anyway my lips are swollen. It won't be long till they ask at school if i have had botox!
Dex and i went out for our weekly shop and meal last night..very nice :)
Poor dad is STILL in hosp. Is on blood thinners now as his blood keeps clotting.
Really pleased as Steph ( my sis ) is working in Norwich for the next two week , so i might get to see her :)
Have a great evening :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have finally been able to get onto my NVQ3 teaching assistants course. Should start in the new year and the really good thing is that i will be doing it on a wed morning in Diss ( 5 miles away) . Bad for the school as they will have to release me to do it , but great for me as i won't have to do ALL the work in my time at home ( lets face it ..i would have to be up till 2am to get any quiet here!)
We had our carer round last night and went out Tesco's !! LOL ..We did go to the pub for tea first though. Meg wanted to know if we were going on a date...i like the sound of that :) Unfortunately they were awful to get to bed and it was after 10 before they settled down.
Poor dad is STILL in hospital and really fed up. They keep telling him thaty he can come home , but then change thier mind..but don't always tell him :( Nats and i popped round to his tonight to make sure that the fridge was clean and sort out his bungalow so it is nice and welcoming when he does come back.
Not done much scrapping..a couple of things for the scrapagogo DT , the monthly UKs ACT swop and a couple of birthday cards.
Really pleased that i finished two baby books,,one i started last year! They are just decorated pages for the mothers to put the photos onto. Anyway here is one:

Friday, November 03, 2006


Still nothing to show you
Its been one of those weeks! Halloween was awful as my children shouldn't have sweets. We don't do trick or treat as they are a bit old now, but......they were VERY hyper and we had so many people knocking on our door. It was so stressful , i ended the evening in tears and it takes quite a bit to make me cry nowadays. ( except TV of course LOL)
Wednesday evening we had a lovely man come to see us about respite. It will mean that we could have 3 1/2 hours a week. Dex and I will be able to go shopping TOGHETHER with out the children :) Unfortunately we were under the impression that he was just going to pop in at 6.30 to get to know us but, he didn't leave till 10!! The children were late to bed and we were really tired ..boy can he talk!!! LOL
Thursday evening I finished my "school safe" training and sat a test :)
Its been busy at work too..been given more responsiblity ( no more money though).
Tonight I am hoping to do some scrapping
Been looking at all the worldwide dares ( sorry rubbish at links) and looking forward to seeing the UK speshal dare at 11pm tonight.
We have disided to TRY to take part in the blackout tomorrow between 4.30 and 7.30. Ok i know we are not in London AND we may still need to kepp one TV on for the children , but all the lights and electrical stuff can be turned off. I supported in two Geography lessons today and heard all the facts!! VERY scarey. Turning some things off is better than nothing. Wouldn't it be great if they did it in fact while we were talking about it , one of the year 8 children wanted to know why they didn't do it in Las vegas!!