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Sunday, November 30, 2014

And more Soap!

 First a re cap on the lemon soap- I dyed it a pale lemon and tried to swirl the colours into the bar - unfortunately - the colours just stayed on the top but I still like the look and the soap has a lovely delicate lemon zest smell ( I might use more essential oil next time )
The lip balm got a good revue from my tester :) I think its still a little hard So when I make my next lot, I will add more butter and oil.
The poppy seed that I put on top of the Coconut soap bar, all fell off as I had suspected and the ones on the bottom , mixed in the whole bar but worked quite well.

While this soap doesnt look much, - I need to work on my decoative abilities- It smells HEAVENLY!
Dyed a pale purple - usining red and blue dye - I have no purple (yet).
The essential oil is Violet- Yummm.

Love Soojay xxx

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lip gloss and more soaps

 Last night I made tinted lip balm - I have sent one off to be tested and will let you know what my tester thinks.

 Tonight its Coconut scented goatsmilk soap with blue poppy seeds.
I put a tea soop on the bottom of the first mould but as you can see, theyt all mixed in - I dont mind as it will give a nice texture to the soap for scrubbing. The second one has the seeds pressed into the top but I guess quite a few may fall off when I take it out of the mould.

Lastly , I made some lemon scented goastmilk soap to slice up when set. I have swirled some yellow colouring in the soap so , hopefully it will look good when sliced- We shall see!

soojay xx

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I am enjoying making beauty product and know exactly what is in them .
I have sipplies to make violet and lemon soaps and also violet and mint lip balm - just waiting for some containers - and TIME!!

Back soon

Soojay xxx

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Creating in New ways

 The every first attempt was too solid- I have remelted and added more oil but if that is still not any better , i have some Shea butter and vitamin E oil on order. I am going to need more tins though .

I am also about to m,ake some Rose soap and some Bath bombs . Never made bath bombs before eeeKK!

Love Soojay xx