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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Day out.

Yesterday I was catching up with my friend Pat and took a look at a holiday cottage for respite rent in Norfolk. Pat and her family stayed there last week. Its booked up till November this year but we might be able to book it early next year. Sleeps 8 plus , so the children could take friends.
One of the nice things is that as well as it being a lot cheaper for us to rent, is that it is less than an hours drive away. These lots of lovely space and walks.
Theres a lake to take a boat out on ( Fritton)
Also Gt Yarmouth and Gorleston are only 5 miles away and Redwings horse sanctury is across the road.
Theres pitch and put as well as a golf course, horse riding and a large park.
We had a lovely lunch in the hotel near the site.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grumpy Drawers!

Doesn't like having his photo taken, especially while chatting ( via dads iPhone) on face book AND watching afternoon TV.
I made him get up early this morning ( BEFORE LUNCH!) to go for a check up at the ADHD clinic, probably his last as he will soon be too old. They are very happy with him as he has been off meds for a year now and is quite calm. I am pleased that they will keep his case open for the next year ( just in case) until he is 18 , next October. He was weighted ( not under weight by much thankfully) and he is now 6 foot ( and growing!).
Got all his college details in the post today as well ..I do feel better knowing that everything is in place. Just waiting for transport to be confirmed now.
Right a bit a crafting before I cook tea.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yayyy Holidays

Not that we are going anywhere this year. Derek and Dan are off to Wales for a few days next month, so it will be very peaceful here! :)
We have a few outings planned but my lot do not like to all do the same stuff so its quite difficult.
We are desperately saving to go back to Cornwall next year to stay in "our" cottage. The price has gone up so much though , it would be cheaper for us all to go abroad!
So far the holidays have been lovely and relaxing, I have been pottering about , getting up nice and early to enjoy the peace of a house of teenagers that don't rise before lunch. Actually that's not quite true. Megan gets cross if she sleeps in and has been getting up between 9 and 10am.
She wants to knit and I will give her this, she is certainly persistent! I have restarted her at least four times

Mind you she might find it easier if she sits up instead of laying down.

Ohh well its keeping her busy.
I have done a little crafting and uploaded to my other blog Here.
Right, my batteries in the mouse are dying ( i hate that!) must go get some more.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Proud Mum!

We went to Dan's year 11 presentation evening last night. I must have cried half a dozen times as it was very moving. Only a parent of a child with learning problems can understand, all the years of worrying, of problems , often daily. Trying to find ways to help them learn to feel good about themselves and NOT measure against "normal" children.
The pupils from The Ashley special school presented the evening. One young girl found the reading difficult and burst into tears (reminding me of when Nats left school) but later she came back and tried again ..she got the biggest round of applause!
Two of the worker from the house where Dan used to sleep over on a Thursday night, Telling us stories of all the antics he used to get up to.
Two of the guys from the construction site that Dan has had a placement with for the past two years. I thought it was so lovely they they turned up to show their support. Again they had lots of funny stories, apparently they used to teach him to dance!?!
Dan's form. The blond young lady told me that she was Dan's current girl friend.
He received a special award for being the most friendly pupil in the school. The youngest pupils, yr's 1 - 6 voted for him.
He has OCR Entry Level in English, Maths, science,resistant materials and Clait. A certificate for food safety, first aid , BTEC skills for working life and a bronze D of E :D

I went to our year 11 Prom. These pupils started high school when i started as a TA. Some of them where at primary school with Dan and are still friends. I will miss them.
Jordan , who registered with us each morning , my boss/partner and oonagh who did most of the organizing and gave us flowers.

Dunstan Hall nr Norwich. Aren't they beautiful?!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adorable Stamps!!

Crafters Companion will be releasing a brand new Collection of 12 Stamps and a CD, this new collection will feature as the Pick of the Week on Create and Craft from 11am On Friday 16th July .
This awesome SWALK collection is a bit different from our previous releases and features some of the cutest characters and wonderful sentiments that will appeal to anyone from 1 to 100. The CD has been designed to complement the Stamps perfectly and features our usual popular designs sets, borders alphabets , inserts, verse writer etc , we have also included 2 sets of co-ordinating papers plus the most amazing co-ordinating flowers that can be resized and layered to make awesome embellishments for your creations.

I So NEED these!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sad few Days

For Cavell and Dad
Steph and Ericka

Went to visit Steph yesterday. She is doing SO well after such a big, nasty op but it hurts so much to see her like that.... vulnerable , she says she is not in pain which if true is a small miracle. I, personally think that she said that just for us. Hopefully she will be home soon. Cross everything for her.
Today 20 years ago we were with Steph and Ericka when Cav died :( Sometimes those years have dragged but other times is seems like yesterday as I can remember every detail. He would have celebrated his 23rd Birthday this year.
Tomorrow it is three years since dad died :(
You can see why I shall be glad when this week is over!
Will post with something nice next time.

Ohh I do have a new blog.....nothing much on it yet though Here Called paper ,ink and glue.