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Sunday, December 31, 2006

These little horrors are supposed to be asleep!! Photos taken 10 mins ago!! I have had too much wine to worry!!!
Just wanted to wish everyone a WONDERFUL new year...hope all your dreams come true!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I have scrapped !!

I haven't been able to for feels good :) Can't show you as its for thw scrapagogo DT .....The Jan papers are fab!!! LOVED using them and the stamps will last forever :)

The LO above was my DT LO for December done with the yummy blonde moments papers and some of their ultra thick embossing powder.

Didn't get to see dad yesterday. We went up for a quick suprise visit and he had just gone to see a specialist :( ..The children were all fighting so we weren't able to hang around. We took them to Toys R us but they couldn't find much that they wantedin the sales. Dex got a game for his PSP of course ( he won't miss a chance ;))

Dan and Dex are off to football on newyears day ( nice and quiet here then!)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nice quiet Christmas

which is just what i wanted. We went to visit dad in the morning and were allowed to take him to the resteraunt for a hot choc. We is still not "with it" but was really pleased to see us . We took some photos with Dex phone and will try to upload them here. Off to visit again tomorrow.

The Children were really well behaved and were rewarded with some fab pressies. Meg had a DSLite and was also thrilled to get some make up and perfume. Dan had lots of Arsnel stuff and a PSP . Nats had lots of scrapbook stash and a digital camera. We also bought them a fab keyboard ( doesn't sound half as bad as i thought it would!!LOL) I now have to try to teach them to read music..meg has leassons at school and is able to play using the letters so far.

Nets , Raymond and Rose popped over on Boxing day which was lovely.

I have to say i must have put on loads of weight ..i am getting sick of chocs ( shock/horror)

Have some DT stuff to do so, must get my arse in gear!

Looking around the sales tomorrow but don't really need anything ( Dex already has a PSP , after he saw Dan's..boys!!) So i guess we will be looking at games!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Tree is up , even wrapped half the presants :) dinning room ready just got last min food shopping to do tonight and then the real work starts!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas ( if i don't get round to blogging till afterwards) We are going to visit dad in Hosp before lunch.

Eight years ago today I lost my very best friend , my mum. Thankfully she left me three wonderful sisters Steph, Anet and Wen ..i Love you :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bad Mummy !

Still not put the tree up!!
I Will try to do it soon. I finish work on Tuesday , so hopefully we will be all sparkly by then.
Update on dad: He in hospital. On the main ward, so that he can have someone to talk to. He keeps getting out of his bed ( fell out twice now!!) Physically he is very strong but mentally , although better, has a way to go yet. The hospital want to transfere him to an "old people's hosp" , I do think he would be happier. It is the other side of Ipswich , which means about a 60 mile round trip for two of us and Nets 120 miles :( Still about 200 from steph.
I know he would rather be there than in the place he is over Christmas..just hope its not for too long. We do have a hospital in Eye ( it is in the process of closing down) and they still have 10 beds ( both me , little sis and mum have worked there at one time). They are only taking women so is out of the question.
Yayyy i HAVE scrapped!! Can't upload yet as it is for Scrapagogo :) Also done my Christmas stocking swap and made a few more cards. Am ready to do a challenge now. Another reason why no dec up as i would have to clear away all my scrapbook stash until after Christmas :( ....Ohh for a bigger house LOL
Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a well earned break.
back soon xx

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fed up

The clothes show was great, if a bit crowded and noisy. Managed to get some bargains for Christmas.
Unfortunately on the way, got a message from Dex saying that they had to break into dads house again. He was very disoriented and didn't know who Dex was. Dad's GP came out and sent him back to hosp. I won't go into all the details except to say it was an awful day for everyone especially Steph ((hugs)). She travelled up from London to the hosp , only to be told they had sent him back home and she then had to go straight back!
We had to call out another doc as Andrea ( little sis) and I felt that he wasn't safe to be on his own and eventually for the second time that day he was taken back :( ...We both felt like shit. Dad shouldn't have been sent home especially with a cannula still in his arm!!!
He has had more tests today and they now know he had a mild stroke. Poor man has suffered so much in the last year. Waiting to hear further news.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

whhoooo hooo

Off to the clothes show at the NEC tomorrow with the school. Going to bed soon as i have to be up so early.......want me to bring anything back ;)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A few Cards

These were stamped last week and painted with my new H2O paints. Made about eight altogether so far

Friday, December 01, 2006

What on earth is wrong with me!!!

I haven't scrapped for three weeks!! not even a little bit. I really want to and have ideas in my head, i just feel so tired when i eventually sit down to do it AND it is so dark! Got my scrapagogo DT kit yesterday and it looks gorgeous so i hope to play with it at the weekend
Dad is FINALLY home from hospital. He looks quite frail but is determined as ever to do as much for himself as he can.
Looking forward to going to the clothes show next week with the year 10's and 11's.
Been buying my Christmas presents online this year as we don't seem to get the chance to go anywhere much. When we go out with the children , it always ends as a disaster.
Back when i have done a LO.