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Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting There

 I have finally finished painting and wallpapering. New curtains and pole put up. Sorry I picked the dullest day to photograph! but there is still more light than before :)

 That filing cabinet needs to be emptied and shredded and filled with more recent rubbish ;)
I need to find somewhere for the stuff on top of it to go as well.

 I moved my Pc , So I moved Steph as well .

 I need to sort desk out ( a slightly smaller one would be better too) . New Chair coming soon to match decor. I am always looking for cellotape - I found six rolls!

 Longer leads/cable ordered to go along coving out of the way, until then , the duster reminds me to step OVER!!

 A small expedit ( gotta LOVE Ikea) as a cutting station - underneath dies, embossing folders and other cutting devices.

 I still have SO much stuff and as you can see it doesnt all fit!! 
I have also orderd new chairs for the dining table- just incase we ever use it as it is meant to be.
Ohh and I need to pop to the Range to get a white/grey/cream table cover.

I have some storage boxes coming to make better use of the space and make it look tidier.
I need to sort something out for my papers too.

As I said...getting there :)

If you scroll down past my london trip post, you can see the dreadful state it was in. I just Love it now.

Love Soojay xxx

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A day in London

 Sorry - lots of photos!
I have wanted to go on the London Eye for sometime and was going last year in the summer hols. We didn't get to go mostly due to fiances. So, this year we bought a money box and saved a little every week . It paid for our train tickets, meals, river trip, a poppy and tickets on the Eye :).

 After following Steven Sutton ( the wonderful young man who recently died of brain cancer) and having attended funerals of very young ex pupils from school- I wanted to make sure I made a bucket list and do some of the things on it -sooner ,rather than later. The London Eye was one of them :) 
I am not brilliant with heights but this was wonderful!

 After our trip on the Eye, we decided to wander along the Thames- lots of people had told us where to go and what to see but, to be honest, we had been to most places before . Neither of us had walked along the Thames before. We went from Westminster to the Tower of London .
 It was the prefect day (most of the time) Not too hot or too cold and we loved the buildings, bridges and culture along the way. I have to say that I was shocked to find out that it was only 2.5 miles that we walked. My feet say at least 5!!

 There was lots to see along the way.A few people like this young man (he was the best ) I took about six photos and I am sure he didn't even blink!

 We also met Captain Jack ( I wish!!)

 I cycled some of the way ;)

 London Bridge
 The view from the bridge

 Amazing architecture .

 The tower of London with more than 880,000so far being placed. They go all the way round. Very humbling .

 Each one will be packaged and sent to the person who ordered it after 11th November this year.

 Lisa's birthday is 11th November :)

 After we sheltered from the rain for a little while, we took a river trip back to Westminster and were very entertained by the along the way by the tourist speech.

 We had our dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant and then sat for a while by the bridge. 

 The photo doesn't depict how amazing the sky was over our favourite building - Whitehall court. So Gothic looking.

One last shot of the London Eye from the ground before we had to set off for the train.
Already saving for next years adventure.

I do have to say a big Thank you to Derek for looking after Meg ( who had an awful tummy bug , was throwing up - not great when you are diabetic! and couldn't eat all day).  And sorting out a problem with some of Dans friends who thought it would be fun to take a BB gun to football and he got a pellet in his bum!! Unbelievable! ( He is fine by the way). Meg is also much better today.

Love Soojay xx

Saturday, August 16, 2014

ohh the shame!

 My craft room is our dinning room and is well overdue a make over!
This is my work space.

 I am painint the walls a pale grey and getting rid of those curtains. There is not really enough light in there - even in the summer- So I need to put the table infront of the window and add some lighting too.
Those chairs are all wobbly and are already thrown out.

 I cannot even get to the filing cabinet ( which needs completely sorting out!) - Having three children with disabilities means a MOUNTAIN of paperwork.

 The floor!! 

 My cupboard is being replaced by an extra large expedit - I bought it just before they stopped making them.

My pc desk - also needs tidying big time.

I am about half way though - two walls have been painted and funiture moved- I still need to do my desk wall and dismantel the cupboard- Then i have the real work- sorting all the stash out!!
All needs to be done in the next two weeks.

Love Soojay xx