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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bring it on!

Just when you think that you are dealing with stuff too! Dex's car has been making a bit more noise than usual, we thought exhaust. Nooooooooooooo Turbo..£900!!!!!! Its so awful it's funny! He has to cash in the savings for my upgraded car next year :(
Also finally sorted out the saga of the phone ..Pipex actually cut us off and we have no phone at all till Friday ..then no choice but to go back with BT. I don't give a stuff anymore LOL..So fed up blew the budget and had chinese for tea as i had lost the will to cook.
Off to do some scrapping now :)
Ohhhh Don't forget HEROES is back tomorrow night Yayyyyyy!

Quick Fix

I needed to craft last night but was so tired. So a quick, simple card :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Blue Card

For the Sarah Kay challege this week :) I am off to watch Tess now xxx

feeling the crunch

At first I just put it down to the horrible month last month ie.Megs BIG phone bill, our new specs and my MOT but I am finding that we just keep running out of money !! Dex is actually popping to Asda to change all the coins as I type..We usually only do this before a holiday for the children. I am cooking alot more ( which is healthier and cheaper ) Really shouting at the children when they leave stuff like the lights or TV on. The biggest amount ( apart from food) is the washing and i have a MOUNTAIN to do today.

I have had to cut right back on stash shopping too, so no more lovely little packages arriving in the post for a while...sigh. Thank goodness for scrapaGoGo ( which IS a package arriving in the post LOL! and quite a BIG package at that..I'll shut up) Ohh and i am not complaining ..I know there's LOADS worse off than us ..just a bit sad..when you are not far off 50, you sort of think that things ought to be easier as least financially.

I had a lovely time yesterday at Wyverstone Charity Crop. We played lots of daft games and I actually finished ( apart from journaling) two LO's..I am a slow scrapper and at a crop, i tend to chat much more than scrap, so i am really pleased :) ..I still did my fair share of chatting LOL.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what a very long day!!

Quite a bit was spent at Hospital , of course waiting around. We took Dan to see the pediatric consultant at Ipswich hospital. I was pleased that it was Dr Gould as he knows us well. We have been going on and off for over 18 yrs with the children. Unfortunately he thinks that medication with help with his nocturnal epliepsy. He is starting off on a very low dose and see being seen just after Christmas for blood tests. I have been given a list of possible side effect that make me feel sick reading them :( :( I really hope he is ok..I hate giving them but also hate how grumpy and tired he is. Just have to watch him closely over the next few weeks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

September LO's

My LO's for september at ScrapaGoGo :)
Hard to belive that today is the first day of Autumn already!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

That was quick!

The weekend that is. Ahh well i DID manage a little scrapping. Another Oct LO for ScrapaGoGo and a Halloween card For Christine's RAK . Now i just need to persuade Dan and Meg to remove them selves from the TV for a bath before bed.........not as easy as it sounds!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Sunny Day!!

Yayyyyyyyyyy ! When they eventually get up, I can send the children outside. Apart from the essential washing and tidying, I intend to do nothing to today..well, maybe scrap. I had some new stamps from Inkadinkado arrive this week and I keep looking at them longingly as I haven't even had chance to get them out of the packet yet. I am still working with the October ScrapaGoGo kit. The sneaky peeks above are a few more from the September kit :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow !

I went to the theater last night with some friends from work to see "Dorian Grey" the ballet. The dancing was amazing! I have never been to a ballet before and wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. Obviously , you can see from the images above that it was very pleasing to the eye LOL. It was also a brilliant, very fast moving, shocking, moving story. I vaguely remember watching the film ( in black and white) when i was very young with mum one Sunday afternoon..much of the story would have "passed me by" then. If you get the chance, I can highly recommend it.

I am so glad it is Friday. This week has been so hectic, i am looking forward to a rest :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Nothing to show you Sorry. I am just so tired! We went out straight from work yesterday..thought it might be nice to take the girls out for tea ( Chinese buffet in Norwich) Loovely but not cheap! Dan stayed at the house at school last night and the girls dont fight so much when he is not about. We then popped to see Nets,Raymond and Rosie ( just before her bedtime) :) And then went to Asda to get some shopping. It was a long night and Meg was asleep when we got home just after 10pm.
I am off to see "A picture of Dorian Grey" at Norwich tomorrow night ( it is a ballet) ..Just hope i last to the weekend :)
I took a load of sizzix dies and scrap paper into Yr 11 Textile this week.They are doing their course work in big A3 folders and the pages need to be decorated in the themes that they have chosen to make their design in. Its been fun showing them different things to do and getting them excited about what they are doing.
Back soon xx

Saturday, September 13, 2008


You can tell I am back at work. Not updating half as much as the summer. Sorry.
Thanks for you kind comments. Its over 18 years since our Beautiful Cavell died from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Watching your child die is THE hardest thing in the world to do and the pain never goes away. I see young men his age and wonder what would have become of him, would he be like Dex and into every sport going , he certainly loved American Football, or be like me a readaholic.
The Fab Norwich Devils old boys are reforming as I type to train and then play a match next week against the current team. I asked Dex if he wanted to train but he said he would probably break every bone in his body ! He is hoping to take Daniel to watch them next weekend though.

As you may imagine, I have no scrapping to show you what so ever. I recivec my Fab ScrapaGoGo kit for October yesterday and am busy planning Lo's etc..It takes me ages to get my ideas together and I often do a couple of trial runs to experiment with bits and pieces.

Work is good, I have loads of Tec groups to support inc. Textiles, ICT, DT and Home Ec, so i am very happy.
Off to the ballet on Thursday to see "A picture of Dorian Grey" ..I remember watching the film with mum YEARS ago. I have been told that there are naked dancers!!! I shall report back LOL.

Must say TOOT TOOT to HSBC bank. I had big problems on Thursday night when Dex and I went out for our weekly meal and shopping. I put my card in the local cash machine and it was eaten :( We had to travel to the next town to get money out of Nats account so we could go...very stressful.
When I got home , I phoned the bank ( 9.30pm)and reported the card "eaten". They cancelled it and my new one arrived this morning.....nice NOT to moan for a change.
Have a great weekend xx

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wet weekend

I think that the weekend is hyped up too much..not so much fun when its so wet and money is still tight!

Yes i needed to catch up on sleep and rest ..even after a few days back? How do teachers manage to stand ALL day?!! and my bag is so heavy ! LOL ...or maybe I am just getting old.

Nothing new to share scrapping wise..I HAVE been "playing" but nothing is finished. So i will give you a tiny peek at two of my creations for ScrapaGoGo's Sept kit, which i LOVED to bit and i still have loads left after four LO and a card :) If you are getting this kit, i promise you will not be disappointed :) :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

SO Tired!!

LOL bound to be expected for the first few days (or weeks!)
I have already started to go to bed a lot least this week is a short one :)
I don't usually submit work to magazine or competitions. Doing work for ScrapaGoGo is enough But Couldn't resist the comp at The craft Emporium. The challenge was to use Daisy Bucket papers to win some of the latest papers and stickers. I didn't expect to hear again but was really pleased to be a runner up as I still get some of those scrummy papers as a prize :) The LO above is the one I submitted.

ohhh Dear!

The shoes gave her a blister so she has to wear old ones today .
They seem to have got on OK although Dan just grunts most of the time now.
My timetable was changed three times yesterday alone!! We are still a little short staffed ATM in our dept so things will change quite a bit over the next few weeks. I was a little concerned that i wasn't down to support in any Tec groups..I shall get withdrawal symptoms if I don't have a saw in my hand at least once a week! LOL The pupil i support the most is yr 10 now and doing business studies..that will be interesting :) Ohh and i am down to support in art which will be great :)
Yesterday we just had year 7 and 13 in so it was mostly meetings etc ..Looking forward to the first proper day back.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I WANT these!!!

But they are Megs!! We tried on every pair of suitable shoes in the whole shop and there were a few. Some were very reasonably priced at £12.99 but Noooooooooooooooooooooo These were the ones that fit. In her defence, she has inherited my wide feet but still, they were going to be mine one day ..£40 for school shoes...I go back to school tomorrow in my old shoes!

We are all ready for school tomorrow. I just have to try to get them to bed a bit earlier tonight as it will be such a shock in the morning..Where has the time gone..Dan is now yr 10 ( and gets use of the games room ) , Meg is yr 9 already!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

started at Thornham on Saturday. Finished today.
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Phones AGAIN Sorry

I have just cancelled pipex after talking to some one from UK ( that i understood AND was polite!!) So in two days time i will have no phone. I am back in the system for Virgin media ..they take about 10 days but have told me they will try to rush it though. It is a pain but in the long run will save me so much money as i already pay for my BB , the phone line and free evening/weekend calls will be FREE :) They have already upgraded my BB :)
So even though its a bit of a pain ( and i am not expecting it to be plain sailing ) I am happy , mostly to be rid of pipex :)
So if you need to contact me will have to be by Email or mobile ( i promise to charge it up!! )