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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick update

How cool are these boots? They arrived on Monday and i love them.
Feeling MUCH better though people are dropping like flies at school!

Off to Ally Pally tomorrow , exciting enough in it's self but am going to spend time with ALL my sisters......yayyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Not done any scrapping recently but have Cj's, ACT's and a couple of Lo's to catch up with.

Just orderd a router so my darling children can use my internet connection, hopefully freeing up MY pc more often.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not Well

And for the first time in YEARS took a day off work. I can put up with a streaming cold and headache, its the two tons sitting on my face that really annoys me!
I had lots of plans for the weekend too. Grrrrr.
Normal service will resume soon xx

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Sorry about Layout of photos..BUT .....................LOOK at all this yummy stash. This is ScrapaGoGo's October Kit and even though i got to "play" yesterday, I'd quite like to stay home tomorrow and play again!

Not happy about having to leave it to cook, clean and get school stuff ready.

Dan and Dex have gone off to the wilds of Stowmarket in serach of a waste place. Our local dump has been closed for at least a month and the bin men are so fussy about what they will take. What a mess they have made of this rubbish/recycling business. I am very happy to recycle but don't have the time to travel all over the place, OR the space to store it for weeks on end!

Ohh Joy, I KNOW i am by no means alone!

Busy week next week. I hate it went the weeks is all mapped out ( with very little free time!)

Grr we can't go out for our date on Thursday, as i have a Gov meeting ( miles away!)

I shall stop moaning now LOL

Have a great week whoever is reading :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How it possible to be this tired and still be awake? LOL I have so much to do and loads of other stuff i WANT to do but, don't seem to be capable of much. I need to start going to bed earlier...isn't it a joy getting older LOL
My legs have been swollen each evening this week, so i need to make sure that i get chance to sit down a bit more during the day. It isn't always possible in lessons, especially as i like to move around the class. I seem to be supporting in quite a few French lessons this term, so i expect my very poor French might improve.
I do love being at work..teenagers are so funny. Quite a few of the boys have grown and love that they tower over me, i am sure i am shrinking!
Looking forward to getting the scrapaGoGo DT kit for October soon and am hoping i have woken up enough at the weekend to do a bit of creating :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Usual boring stuff. Washing, cleaning etc but.............I did have a little play with my stamps and flower punches :)

Dunno when i will next up date as its busy at work and i am back on my course tomorrow.


We went to Nets for the afternoon. The children loved playing with Rose while Nets and I chatted and stamped. I love the look on concentration on her face while reading her books!

Rose has a cute little tent but instead of playing "mums and dads" or "house", they were playing HOTELS!!..Meg providing room service LOL

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sore Feet!

Been wearing shoes today for the first time in AGES and now have blisters on both heels :( ...Back to sandals tomorrow. My feet have got all delicate over the hols. LOL
Can't believe how chaotic it all is at school. The Ta's still don't have a timetable yet and i needed to be in three different places at once a lunchtime. Had forgotten how stressful it all is ..ahh well..soon be the weekend.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another card

Actually I made a few but only scanned one in. Have ordered four more stamps and am taking part in a swap. So , expect to see a few more soon.
Won't be updating so often from tomorrow as it back to work and back on my course. Just about to get the kids to bed and settle down to watch the second part of silent witness before i get ready for bed to. Early morning is going to come as a shock to everyone LOL.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Well MY children are ready to go back to school! Or rather I am ready to wave them off. Meg and Dan were grounded ( what a silly idea...keep them in all day with us!!) today AND tomorrow. Megs screams have reached new heights, its amazing , i can go from being reasonably calm and sane , to wanting to strangle her as soon as she screams.

Dan's new school trousers arrived late this afternoon, but as i measured his waist and he wears them on his hips, they are miles too tight. So, i traipse off to Tesco's to the men's dept. Perfect size 32 waist, 33L but in Navy blue :( ..Had to get 34 w and of course he will have to have a belt....................................sigh....................He'll grow into them.

Been playing with my new Magnolia stamps and have lots stamped and painted ready to assemble. Here's one i did this morning.

If you love Magnolia stamps, you have to visit these blogs: Cards by boop awsome! and Andrea really beautiful cards. And of course, the stamps: Magnolia stamps .

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Time is running out

Only a few more days left of the holiday! Meg and I go back to school on Weds ( can't remember when Dans school starts back! )
Have spent the last couple of days sorting out and buying uniform (shoes, Dan is now size 10!!! and trousers.)
I have a new school bag :) Its my called Marry Poppins bag coz i need to have everything possible in it that the students have forgotten to bring! LOL
Dex should be able to go back to work on Tuesday so , the house will be back to normal chaos with a million and one things to do.
Even though it was a wet summer, we were extremely lucky to have had the weather we had in Cornwall and I am sorry its come to an end ( unusual for me )
Looking forward to Ally pally at the end of the month with two of my sisters ( MIGHT even be able to persuade Steph to meet us there???? hint :))
Best go Chinese on its way.