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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fundraising and Flowers

 An open house /cake sale at my sisters house. All in aid of my niece Eva going off with the 6th form to South Africa for two weeks this summer. She has been working hard organizing cake sales, band nights, washing cars and she still has a way to go.

 I gave her 100 of my cards to sell so cross your fingers.

 On Friday, my boss and I were given two bouquets of flowers each from yr 11's. The pink one smells amazing . They are so beautiful and after such a busy ,hectic week, make everything worthwhile.
 This one is all white .

I am sure that she won't mind if i take it to the cemetery tomorrow.

It will be 22 years since we lost darling Cavell on 1st July and My dad 5 years ago on 2nd. I have not been up to the cemetery since after passing  away in February, my sister Steph was interred in April .What with mum also there, it gets harder and harder. I am feeling very weepy at the moment but will go tomorrow.

Love Soojay xxx

Sore Feet!

 After dancing most of the night at the year 11 Prom. I love Prom but am always sad when they leave. They do scrub up well :) 

 The venue was "All Manor of Events" just outside Ipswich and I can highly recommend it. Lovely dinning area - lots of room ( especially as it was so hot) - good sized dance floor with doors that open to let in some air.

 I shall miss these girls - they used to pop in and see me every day - it will be a lot quieter in our department.

 We were there in plenty of time to watch everyone arrive and i love seeing the ways that they get there.
There was a studio for professional photographs and we all had lots taken , I don't think i have laughed so much. 

Bye Bye yr 11's

Three weeks left of term, after next week, our yr 10's are on two weeks work experience so it will be REALLY quite in school. There are also loads of school trips , so I might be able to catch up at bit with all the paper work.
We have a sports award evening on Monday night and yr 13th Prom on Thursday night. 

Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, June 23, 2012

That Manic time of the year again!

Especially at school . Most year 11's have left now, last exams this week. Prom on Wednesday night  ( new dress arrived on Monday) Shopping for shoes tomorrow. I love the prom but wish it wasn't in the middle of the week. Yr 13 have theirs the following week (in the middle) , I usually take hubby to that one. Then two weeks of yr 10 work Experience and end of term.
 My Children all left school and are finishing college for the Summer in the next week or so. We just need some Sun now!
 Off to little Sisters next Sat to help raise some funds for my niece to go to Africa . Baking cakes and hopefully selling some cards.
 Ooh finally got round to getting my hair cut and some pretty golden low lights put in , will get a photo for you soon.
 That's about all for now.

Love Soojay xxx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a GREAT weekend!!

 At Debden house. With Nets and some close scrapping friends.
This is Nets, Sarah and Ann.

 Taken in the grounds. It was supposed to rain but I am glad to say that I didn't see any at all.

 Su brought props and frames for the photos - such a good idea!

 Here is "Lady" Izzy - Looking stunning.

 I eventually got every one to sit still and smile at the same time.

 Although it was difficult to get some people to behave at all!!

I had to blink at the wrong time of course.

It was a lovely, relaxing weekend - probably enjoyed this one the most . I Did NO scrap booking at all - unless you call a mini book scrap booking. I did make some ATC for a swap and 6 cards ( You can see these a bit later tonight i my other blog)

Looking forward to the next one ...shhh...Feb ( Creative HeArt and Soul ) .

Love Soojay xx

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where does the time go!??

Half term is now almost over..Its back to work tomorrow, to a very busy half term. Lots of exams and pupils leaving. Work experience for the yr 10's. LOADS of school trips for the lower years and two proms. Busy busy.
I have a trip of my own to look forward to......

Next week end Nets and I (along with some Fab close friends) will be staying here ,Debden House. It will be my third or fourth time and I am really looking forward to it. 
A couple of Photos from last time:

just keep your fingers cross that the weather is good as the grounds are lovely.

We have had a quiet half term Dan and I sorted out the garden and cut back loads of weeds/stingers etc we also popped to the garden center to get a few plants to fill up some empty pots. So the garden is looking a bit better although it still has a long way to go. Dan wouldn't let me cut too much off the honeysuckle bush or the others on the wall as he had seen birds nesting in it .
I had a meal out with Trish , my friend from college . I had not seen her for ages so it was good to catch up.
I also made a few cards ( see other blog ).
Fished two of the 50 shades of Grey books now reading the last one. 
So I am relaxed enough to return to work :)

 Love Soojay xxx

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Quick Catch Up

 Listening to: Robert Palmer - forgot how much I love his music!

 Fun - Love their single  HERE on you tube

 Reading: these books- almost finished book one - not what i thought!#

 Grieving and this last episode of Grey's hurt to watch!

Eating this for tea - if it doesnt burn!


Love Soojay xxx