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Saturday, April 29, 2006

All day scrapping

And i have only done one LO!!!! Helped Ness setup/put away shop but that didn't take long. Don't know where the time went. I did manage to do Karens cyber crop class..will upload tomorrow.
Managed to "lose" my tote with ALL my eyeletts and brads and tools ..I think some one took it home accidently ( they do all look the same...lesson to be learned there!)I am sure i will get it back but i miss it already and of course can't use the stash in it :(
Ness had some fab stash in her store to day ..including some loooovely RED artbin totes..there was a really nice one that could house some of my rubberstamps, inks etc.....resisted THIS time LOL managed to get loads of papers and rubons and...and ..
DEX was very interested in my LO and was asking how i did certain elements of it ...very worried!! After the Uks CC he seems to be more interested in scrapping.....i can't have that!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

A Big Night in With Darren Hayes

Last night was Fab!! Five of us went including Eva ( my 12yr old niece who is a big fan) . We went across the road for a chineese buffet first. I didn't think i was going to be able to eat due to excitement but i was quiet hungry after being at school all day with just a sandwich and yogurt for lunch.
Eva was next to me at the concert and asked millions of questions during the support act ( which she called the boreing bit)LOL ...I didn't tell her the FULL meaning of what a groupie is , when she asked ,though LOL.
Darren sang all our fav songs ,old and new and even a new one I had not heard before. The poor woman standing infront of me was so sweet but I am sure she must have been listening to my off key singing at the top of my voice all night!
After the concert we went to the back of the theater and ( though bars in the gate) managed to chat to Darren and get his autograph ( see above :)). He is such a lovely person who was sweet to Eva , calling her beautiful ( she is) , he oviously couldn't see me that well in the dark!!LOL
We got home at 1am to get up at 6.30am...I saw Eva in school this afternoon and thought she looked a bit worn out ..goodness knows what i looked like..............................ahhh well..hope it won't be too long till he is touring again ( its usually two years :()
Off scrapping all day tomorrow ( I owe Dex BIG time!!) at Wyverstone. I usually leave at about 6pm but have a late pass for tomorrow. I am going to take Karen and Anso's UK scrappers CC Classes to do in baggies ( just for Steph, CC= Cyber crop and Baggies are 12"x12" bags with all the "suff" inside to do a LO in) ;)
Sunday we have to get some clothes for Daniel who is off to Wales with the school next week and seems to have grown out of EVERYthing. Thank goodness it is a bank hol and I can catch up with the washing etc.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Baby

This is Nats (on Left) last night at her party with her friend Laura. She had a GREAT time, three birthday cakes, loads of presants and money ...we are off shopping on Sunday ( she can't cope with the crowds on Saturday).
ONLY TWO more Sleeps till we see Darren :)
My friend Pat has booked tickets for us to see George Micheal in November, So,i have something else to look forward to.
Been asked to give a talk to year 10 pupils on enviromental issues in the school ..Have NO idea what i am going to say!!! This is because i used to do the evening caretaking.
Dex bought "bewitched" back from Wales on DVD , so i am goning to try to watch it tonight.

Only two more Days :)

Till Darrens Concert...getting VERY excited. Had an email from Yvonne. she saw him last week and said he was as Brill as usuall and there were a few suprises.
Will see if i have any decent photos of Nats 21st B party last night , when i get back from work. My camera was playing up so i didn't take that many :(

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bleary eyed...........

This morning after going to bed at 1.30! All due to the UKs Cyber crop. I am NOT a fast scrapper and try as hard as i can, not to, i still get caught up in the frenzy trying to get too much done. The house looks like it was broken into last night, with stah everywhere!!!
Not sure how much i will get done today as i really have to get some washing done AND its Nats Birthday tomorrow.
Dex and Meg had a great time in Wales , i just have to adjust to the two extra bodies in the house again..the noise level has certainly gone up!!
Well better get going as i need to do Karen's, Dawns, anso's AND Lorraines classes plus as few challenges ...........don't think it is gonna happen!

The first class :

Friday, April 21, 2006

sorry just a couple

Friday Already!

Can't belive its Friday. Dex and Meg will be leaving to come home soon!! I think they will probably get here in the early hours of tomorrow. I don't know why he has to travel so late ..MEN!!
Work has been good this week ( short week LOL)I do love my job ..even when i get all the bad kids :) Even when i have supported in Footbal, double maths, french and geography..had textiles today as don't know they are born..TEXTILES! ..i had , making a PE skirt and sewing a pencil case ( and those were the highlights!!)
Going to take part in this weekends cyber crop ( you'll have to email me Steph ).I don't know how much i will be able to do . I have to help organise a party for DD on Monday night . My BABY is going to be 21!!! I am OLD :(
Finally finished Kirsty's challenge ( above steph;))
Did this one of Rose the other day.
Back to the cyber crop then.......................

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back to work

Actually i do quite like work :) ..I know that nowadays you're not supposed to ( unless you scrapbook for a living!LOL). Just wish i got paid a bit more.
Dex says that it has been raining all day in Wales but they still went to Tenby for the day and to an ice-cream parlor ( Bet Megs blood sugars were high!)They are coming home on Friday night. I do car !!LOL
I am half way though Kirsty's challenge (it's for a BOM Steph!;)
I sent off my Lo's for Caroline but one wouldn't upload so , i have sent it again..Steph DT= Design team LOL.
Going to get an early night , got to get used to this getting up early thing again!
oooooooo Two weeks tomorrow we see Darren Hayes.......think we need a photo here.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What a Twit

I am!! I have been looking forward to spending today alone all weekend. I thought Dan went back to school today and got him up, dressed etc, etc for 7.45 this morning. This is the time his taxi arrives. Well Nats taxi came and went no sign of Dan's , so i phoned a friend who's son also goes to Dan's school. It's a teacher training day . Friend thought it was highly amusing!!
We went to visit Mark and the children ( BIL and cousins) and then went to see dad. They are finally doing his ramp out side the back door, but as Steph (sis) mentioned , he won't be able to get out of the garden unless they lower the kirb.
Managed to get a district nurse to call and do a swab. He seems quite happy :)
Managed to do a little scrapping...finished my entry for Carolines DT and even if i don't get in i am happy with it. Still want to do Kirsty's challenge ..just like me to leave it till the last min!
Finished this LO at the weekend and it's for Steph ( as she is featured and reads this :) )

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Quiet Day

With Dex and Meg in Wales, Nat and Dan sleeping in till 10.30, it's been very quiet here today. Dex has phoned a few times and they are having fun, been to visit his mum and then his nephew today and off swimming somewhere tomorow.
Nats friend Joe popped round for tea and then Nats wheeled her home ( in her wheelchair)
Had a phone call from dad, this evening, his knee has become infected so we called the Doc out and he has started on two antibiotics but needs swabs taken tommorrow to make sure its not MRSA like last time :(
Going to get the children to go to bed early (ish) tonight as IT'S SCHOOL TOMORROW !! YAYYYY ..I don't go back till wednesday .....hopefully i get tomorrow all by myself.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone has a great Easter :) Mine will be quiet ( which is great) as Dex and Meg have gone off to Wales this morning for a few days.They are staying at his brothers Chalet and visiting his mum. Meg is looking forward to going to an Ice-cream parler( sp?) not sure that is such a brill idea for a diabetic!
Anyway Dan has no one to fight with and Nats will have a break from Meg screaming at her. I WILL miss them but, it is nice and quiet ;)
Am working on a project to try out for Carolines DT and still have loads of ideas in my head at the mo..hope it lasts and they they look as good on the page as in my head ( they don't usually!!)

My photo of the day: Megan leaving for Wales. Bless her!

Friday, April 14, 2006

A Visit

We had a visit from Nets And Rose. The children were over the moon to have her round to play, especially Nat's as she is besotted with her. Megan got to feed Rose her lunch :) I even got a kiss and cuddle after a while.
Nets and I spent some time admireing each others stash, Chatting about the upcoming Darren Concert and the possiblity of going to the Scrapping Reatreat in Bury in Sept. We also managed to swop some papers.
I ( shock ,horror) went out this evening. Some friends and i went to the local community center to watch a showing of "Mrs Henderson Presents" . It was Great. I LOVE Judi Dench. I have to say that if I had watched it at home, I would probably have had a tear or two in the middle but I was able to blink my tears away very quickly..I am Such a mooch ( is that a word?!)
I managed to do a couple of LO's This is Karen's Challenge for the week. I DID do it digitally but I am rubbish at digital so have turned it into a REAL LO. LOL

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Todays post

I recived my prize fromm The weekend CC this morning. I chose a provocraft 8"x8" album :) Its Looovley.
Also got a lovley suprise Egg ( won't say anymore about that just now ;)) Thank you ..lovely start to the day........................
............unfortunately so far, the rest of today has been a strain !! Already sent the children to their rooms once ( megan for her own saftey) Her screaming drives me bannana's. They are now down and after a bit of squabling(sp?) over the TV etc are now banned from watching it for a while...there is steam coming out my ears at the moment!!!!!!
Daniels latest craze it football cards ..that's all he talks about and wants. I bought another of the display books for me to put my ACT's in .It's fab!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All New and Shiney

Thats my blog , thanks to Clare :) I Love it.
Got my TSV from QVC yesterday. I am really pleased with it and have made one card already ( look away Eva!) Hopefully it will help me to be more organised LOL.

The community Nurse came to see Megan today for their monthly session. Meg now has some cards ( on lolly sticks ) to hold up instead of screaming. There are quite a few i.e. Stop stareing ( for poor old Nats who can't help it), Shh, yes ,no swearing etc ..we are supposed to use them too.......I LOVED one which said " no begging " !?!* LOL have put that upstairs for Derek LOL.
Getting Very excited as it won't be long now ...15 days, till we go to see Darren at Ipswich..can't wait!! I know i won't be able to concentrate at work.
I go back to work on Wednesday, i am a bit worried as from May i will be supporting in the S.A.T.'s as a reader. Not done that before. I know i will be fine , i just won't think about it till then.
I saw some of the year seven's yesterday and asked them if they had done all their homework LOL . They all said no :(
Going to get the children to bed early tonight so i can scrap ( maybe)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bloody PC!!

I really need to get it less than a year old and doesn't shut down/start up properly!! Took most of the morning to get it to start!
Nats is about to arrive home after a day out with the girls group she belongs to . They went to Ipswich to the cinema and then Mc donalds. This is only the second time she has been on a train with just a few girls and no adults. She is finally becoming a little more independant.
Dad came home from hospital this afternoon. I am very cross as he was just dropped one has done a home assesment! He is phoning first thing in the morning. I am sure he is going to need more equiptment or alterations. He seemed happy to be home and looked really well ..unfortunately the first thing i saw him do was light up !!I give up !!
As i couldn't get on the Pc this morn, i did a couple more pages of my "Happy Book" and tidied up my card and paper stock. I cannot buy anymore paper................OR i haver to scrap with loads of it as there is no more room in my cupboard for anymore!! Have got some yummy clear stamps coming from scrapagogo to use with May's kit , so will hold off doing the design until i get them i think.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Face ache

My face really does hurt at the mo. I feel like i have the skin of a crocodial ( that spelling doesn't look right!!) Anyway i have tried antibiotics and cream from the doc. going to find some alternative stuff next week. I CAN'T go back to school looking like this!!!
Apart from the children interupting me every five mins though out the weekend..its been good. Was able to do half of the challenges in the cyber crop AND even won a prize :)
Derek won some money on the horses yesterday which i promptly spent on the pick of the day on QVC LOL.
Dad is staying in a nursing home for the weekend ..sounded great yesterday as the food was so good, he was having steak for lunch.he is home tomorrow.
Have put the children to bed early so, i am hoping for some peace this evening. I really need to clear up my cropping mess.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Scrappng, scrapping, scrapping

It's lovely that it is the school holidays and the children have spent the day outside playing. I have been able to get my scrapagogo LO done in record time, instructions done and posted off. have done the UK's weekly challenge this afternoon (below). Definately intend to carry on scrapping tonight and tomorrow .
Have had FOUR boxes arrive over the last couple of days, two Gogo kits, My NYOBC Kit, some yummy supplies from Caroline and the Jilly beans CC Kit for UK' LOADS of supplies.
Heard that dad will be home Monday afternoon. No idea how he is going to cope now , but Social services have got three carers coming in daily for the first few days.
Got up really early this morning and had three hours of peace as the children didn't surface till 10am!! LOL It was HEAVEN.
Been practicing touch typing( for school) getting better but i can still type alot quicker my way. On lesson 8 anyway...Derek keeps showing off as he used to work in telecommunications in the RAF and is quite good.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ohh how i LOVE them. Natalie finally gets up at 10.30 and asks for money, has gone to visit her friend Joe in the town. Joe is such a sweetie, she has some learning disabilities but is much more independant than Nats. They have arranged to go out shopping together next week ...Nats first time on a bus , almost alone!!
Daniel MUST have worms ..all he does at the moment is eat ( except at teatime of course!!) He looks like a stick insect too. As for Megan well...what can i say , 11 on Tuesday , 18 today!! What an attitude..hence the lovely photo of her calling me a loser.
Got LOADS of yummy stash today :) The next two months kits from Lorraine and extra stash for me to play with..have loads of ideas floating around in my head for the next two months LO's.
Signed up for the UK's cyber crop ( Conga team) Not sure how much time my darlings will let me be on here for though.

Some pages from my "Happy Book" I have been really bad and not saved the names of the authors quotes ( sorry) None are mine.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Short term memory loss

Well thats my excuse, for forgetting how to post (how embarassing!!)
If anyone reads this at all , i make no apologies for my spelling...i really do try but its getting worse. So , if you are one of those people who HATE spelling mistakes..please leave now.
My sisters , i have to say, love my spelling , it makes life more fun, trying to work out what i have typed!!
It is very quiet here today.......too quiet really , not sure where my children are. Yesterday poped down to the shops only to pass Megan with a friend!! As it was her birthday, i didn't shout too much , but made it clear that she really ought top ASK before she does it again. she was 11 yesterday, and Eye is only a small town, but Megan DOES have learning disabilities and is diabetic.
Been working on a "happy" book.....Anso's idea for those not able to keep up with the Rhona's 21 day challenge. Really pleased as i am up to the fouth page and they are doubles.
My next challenge is to work out how to upload some images here.............don't hold your breath LOL.