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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Candy give away

Nets made me up a kit in Jan to make this book. I finally completed it today. If you would like it, leave a comment and i'll pick a name nx wk. Its 3 inches x 4 inches.

Been finishing off

This Book was started AGED ago at a Wyverstone crop. I finally finished and assembled it today.

If anyone knows where i can get some more of the pearly embellishments, please let me know. I got them free on the cover of a magazine and first thought they were a bit tacky. I have changed my mind and would love some more now!

Friday, March 28, 2008

My bits from this week

Heres some of the stuff I have been doing this week.
The top two "banners" ( they are almost finished) are for Meg and her best friend. They both turn thirteen next week.Eeek! They were inspired by the Fab JO on Its A creative world blog. I LOVE hers, go look.
The second(Little Miss Sunshine) it the UKS weekly team challenge, its AGES since I did one. I have used self adhesive lace and KI memories lace card( from a ScrapaGoGo kit ). I painted the lace card and also used stickles.
The third( Still Cute) is from the colour challenge blog ( thanks for the acetate frame Nets)
The Fourth ( Only a real princess can get away with what I do!) Was just for fun as that photo was calling out to be scrapped!
The last one was just a challenge to use up old stock/scraps and documents Meg new haircut.
Nats went off to Diss today to do her Voluntary work. She went on the bus on her own and I went with Meg to pick her up at 1pm. Thanks to the scrappad ladies for keeping me company and reassuring me, as i was sitting worrying, like a fool! We all got drenched in Diss, went to subway for lunch. Then, I slipped over on the way to the car, in the middle of the road, with a car coming!! How embarrassing! Nats just stood there and screamed ( Joy!) but i am fine. Even think my ample bum is intact :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What day is it??

Its easy to get confused when on hol. I have been pottering around doing a bit of cleaning here and there, not much. Tidied all my clear stamps to day and gave them a surprise at how many i have oopps!
Have been scrapping on and off most of the efforts will be uploaded when blogger lets me.
Went out for our meal and Tesco's shop tonight..........looovley :) I bought ( On Dolly's recommendation) The Jackie Album ...flipping brill..brings back so many memories.......sigh. Iy has a free poster of David Cassidy or my personal fav Donny :)
Off to dads bank again tomorrow...hopefully for the last time...they said that before! Hoping to finally close the account..wish me luck!

Monday, March 24, 2008

That face

Is now on a LO...and even Meg herself thinks its OK LOL. She is less grumpy to day, which means I am more coz she is up to fighting more with Dan and Nats!

Another Cold, wet, snowy day here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snowy Easter

Its all melted but keeps snowing on and off. It means that the children have been in all day ( fighting for most of it Grrrrrrrrrrr)

Dex is trying to sleep as he is working in the morning. I am cooking Chicken pies as they are easy and the strip light in kitchen has gone. Have you tried cooking by a lamp light?! We need to go to B and Q or Homebase to get a replacement and they are shut today.

Meg is a bit better but still quite grumpy..she managed to eat more today ( incl a choc egg ..of course!)
I am in the middle of my 5th Lo this weekend ( 4 were for Aprils ScrapaGoGo kit ). Really enjoying myself..just wish i didn't have to stop to feed children or break up fights LOL.
Anyway, what ever you are doing Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Hols

and of course it rained all day ( well mostly) I turned the heating up again as well. Have spent a lot of the day scrapping with my April ScrapaGoGo kit...........Really lovely papers........ in between been running around after Megan. She has been ill for 4 days now with a cold and cough. she just lays on the sofa demanding stuff grrrrrr!!!!! She isn't eating much, which is playing havoc with her blood sugars and she has had a hypo today.

Poor Dex has to work all Easter so I am hoping it is not too cold in the early hours of the morning. Made Jamie's Hot cross buns and custard, as Dex brings so many buns home at Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Monday

Only four days to work this week yayyyyyyyyyy ( sorry if youv'e got more)

Dan and Meg both look shattered and Meg says she feels ill and has a headache. I think they both need an early night but Meg is already trying to get out of going to school tomorrow!

The Lo's are from the Wyverstone crop two weeks ago and one I did of Dan last night at the very top. They have all been scanned and seem a bit washed out though.
Really looking forward to getting my April ScrapaGoGo kit later this week :) I shall be busy over Easter playing with it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two Lay outs in 1 Day !!

This is a piccy of the tree at the bottom of the playground at one of my old primary schools ( we moved about a bit and I went to 3). It was 1971 when i got my first pair of NHS specs..they looked very much like the ones on the LO but you wouldn't be able to find a photo of me in them!! I was really surprised that you could see the leaves on the tree from the is a really vivid memory and i am glad i have scrapped it. Shame there weren't any leaves on the tree when I finally went back to nosey last week.

Lovely weekend!

First I have to say that Dex is over the moon as Wales Won! :D..I am just glad that the screaming has stopped.

Yesterday Nets and I had to go and finally close dads bank accounts. It was done quite quickly and I will be able to finish sorting everything out soon and finally get a headstone up. We then popped to Stoke By Nayland and crashed the ATDML retreat. It was really difficult to leave ( especially as we went in Nov and everything felt so familiar) We were made so welcome and stayed to lunch, shopped and had LOADS of cuddles from some great friends. Just being there for an hour or two really inspired me.

Today Dex and Dan have gone to Ipswich to the cinema to see "The three Hundred" ( I hope that's right) and are bringing pizza back for tea ....yayyyyyy no cooking.

After two weeks , I have scrapped :D I bought the "Dares" book from a friend and love it , as it challenges you to scrap everyday moments. The Lo I did to day is about arguments...after almost 25 years we still argue at least 2 or 3 times a week and this week was no exception!

I was called out of a CDT (woodwork) lesson to the school reception on Friday morning. While running there , I had all sort of thoughts going though my mind , that one of the children was ill or hurt. When I got there, there was Dex in the main reception area , on his knees with flowers. I thought we had already made up from the row the night before! The office staff were really impressed and thought it was SO romantic.....he IS forgiven! LOL

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

busy busy

Lots to get done this week..and none of it scrapping :(

visited Garboldisham on sunday. Took the girls to a craft fair where they spent much more han me!! The best bit for me was taking a peek at my old primary school...not seen it for 37 years lol

have to say that it doesn't look too much different. I took a photo of the tree ast the bottom of the playground as it hold so many memories. One was when i first got my glasses and realised that it was possible to see the leaves from the ground...that they weren't just a blur.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy birthdays

was my MIL's 89th Birthday yesterday and my sister Stephs today :D

So Happy Birthday Steph, if you read this.
( shes the one to the left of Mad Nets!!LOL)

You need to come visit Steph, so i can take some newer photos :D

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

The weekend has gone far too quickly. I really need three days at the weekend , so I can catch up as well as do all the stuff ( well SOME) that I want to do. Nets and I went to wyverstone crop yesterday..that derinately went too quickly. I managed to get a couple of LO's done. I will upload later. We really enjoyed ourselves. I have made a couple of cards today , Nets inspired me yesterday as she made loads! I downloaded Dawn's hearts and flowers kit from the link on Nets site. It is so pretty. Blogger won't let me upload any images ATM.
I cut Nats hair today as it was getting long. Meg still wants me to streak hers , so when in Tesco's today, I bought a kit. Will photograph when ever I have managed to do it.