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Saturday, July 21, 2007

A couple of photos

Dan finally got his Mo!! Wanted one for years LOL Actually it doesn't look as bad as I though it would. He has REALLY curly hair and it was quite long. Dex had his done too but i have to say it looks daft so he is going back this afternoon to have it all shaved off ( he is 48 for goodness sake!) It looked ok from behind ( don't we all!)LOL
Second is of my crocs...a lot brighter than I thought they would be!!! Celery :)
I will try to photograph all of them when Dans arrive ( black must be really popular!)
Last day of school yesterday....I can't believe how fast this year has gone.Just chilling today as I have a really busy week before we go off to Cornwall for two weeks ( Can't wait!!). It has been three years since we were last year and as it is getting so expensive, not sure when we can go again.
Got My Harry Potter book this morn but i am saving it for the holiday ( if I can manage it !!)


Anonymous said...

I was worried when Dan said he was going to get a mo, but it looks excellent! You didn't get one of Dex before he went back did you? BITC xox

Ann said...

How will you resist reading Harry? I'm part way through chapter 2 already!!