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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holidays are such hard work!

My Children bicker all the time like toddlers! Three times this week i have been woken from my sleep to sort out fighting in the middle of the night Grrr. I am too tired to do anything but shout at them. At least they sleep in all morning, so i get a little peace then.
Dex is still off recovering :( He was hoping to go back to work to day ( i was hoping he was too) but has a Doc's appointment this afternoon as the op site ( i won't go into details!) is swollen and very sore :(
I can get more done when there's less people around...the trouble is I think i am going to get so much done ..the kitchen really needs finishing now that i started to decorate it , but as its so small and with everyone off..its almost impossible...sigh . At least I got to sort out Megs room and that means she is no longer spending hours in ours :)
Done some more scrapping. Green is my fave colour and i don't have that many layouts of Nats
My fav bit was doing the lettering, cut on the slice, painted with paint dabbers and inked aroundthe edges. The embossed with clear embossing powder at least 4 times, cracked and inked again.