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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A bit of R and R

On the cards this weekend..good job its Mothers day tomorrow coz I intend to do very little ! This week has been all meetings at work and in my free time. Daniel and Megan's annual review in a week. Dan's last one at high school ( children who have an educational statement of needs have to have it reviewed - usually yearly - hence the "annual" bit ). It was a good review, they are happy with his progress and maturity. He seems to try hard in most lessons and his social skills are getting better. Dan has been at a special school 35 miles away and has weeks left...scary! He has also been to look around a (much nearer) college that is very geared to helping pupils like Dan. We will find out in a few weeks if he has a place , so cross your fingers please. He seemed to like it.
Meg is in year 10 , so has another year left ..before I panic. Her numeracy and literacy skills are very weak and she will continued to need lots of support. She is ( as you know) doing an art GCSE - the only one of my children to do a GCSE so pressure girly ;) :) ...If she only manages an "E" grade , there will be a party!!!!!
In other meetings, after school a meeting for the "girls group " that Natalie attends, for young women with additional needs. They take place on a Monday evening usually twice a month and also do trips like the Butlins weekend she recently went away on. Problems with people leaving and needing parents to take a more active part. Thankfully some of the parents who don't work are helping out as I doubt I would be able to commit to much.
A parents support meeting ( that I help run now) after school at the high school, seems to be going well.
And with work being manic - I AM getting better at doing half a dozen things at once LOL. So sad that there are so many angry children about..spent quite a bit of yesterday talking to and calming pupils down :(.
So you can see why I shall be chilling this weekend.
Might even mamage some scrapping this space.