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Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Tiring week

I don't get stressed that often (thank heavens with MY family!) . But it has been a very stressy week and I am worn out this morning!
Meg had her ART exam on Thursday and Friday - I am not happy with the help she has not received from the school ( she has an educational statement ) . She should have 20 hours 1-1 support a week in school but I know she doesn't get it and never has. As an ex teaching assistant I am well aware of the lack of resources in school . She has shared a TA with a small group of other pupils so I haven't made a fuss. She has never has any support in art ( they don't send any one at all as it is not classed as academic but I think she needs help to understand what is required of her ). I am annoyed that I wasn't told about the extra sessions put on at lunchtime ( although again , she would not have got any help). I am also annoyed that my back up plan for her , if she finished her final piece too quickly, was ignored by her art teacher and she was given something else to do. I am also annoyed that she did not wear an apron and came home covered in acrylic paint ( she still has a week of school left and I have had to scrub it off her uniform as best as I could by hand and put it though the machine twice).

I have an Eco report to write for the school ( my school) governors meeting this month and no time to do it at school , so that's today then.

I spent yesterday feeling sick as I was trying to get Natalie seen by a doctor all day . She has a nasty infection and needed antibiotic quickly as I only found out about it yesterday. After numerous phone calls and discussions we were finally given an appointment at 10.15 last night ( thankfully locally as Derek is away this weekend and I didn't want to drag everyone out). Nats has weird "fits" if she is ill but thankfully was ok yesterday and the doctor said we had caught it quickly enough.

I went to bed with a splitting headache to be woken at 3.30 by Natalie and Daniel arguing!!

Hopefully today will be a better day - fingers crossed. Sorry for the moan :D

Love Soojay xx


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