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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Holdays

Have now begun :)
We have said goodbye to all the staff leaving and retiring. 
I went to work today for the last time till September 3rd. Just to catch up on paper work and tidy up before the painter comes back to finish what he started at Easter.It was a nice day, especially as I was able to go in late, leave early and actually eat lunch at a table! There were only a few of us in so we all took picnic type food and shared a lovely lunch. I made Key lime pie.
The Summer hols look busy already and I am not even going away!
Tomorrow we are off to the beach for the day.
I am going to be saving £25 a week taking Natalie to her workshop twice a week instead of paying for a taxi- so that's Mondays and Wednesdays sorted.
I shall be re doing Dan's room - I did Megan's last year, so it is definitely his turn, especially as he still has trains on the wall ( the poor boy is 18!!). It needs to be completely re done and has that horrible anaglypta wallpaper on it - so that will be fun!
Next Tuesday I am taking Natalie to visit a friend in Kenninghall - a SEN teacher who has just retired and has rescue ponies. She has invited lots of us over for the day.
I have a few friends to catch up with and a meal or two out planned.
I also hope to sort out all the bags of clothes we no longer need, paint the hallway wash the living room curtains, catch up on all the laundry etc , etc.
I have a list as long as your arm and I doubt I will get that much done :)
I AM going to be making cards though ;)

Right a VERY late tea I think .

Love Soojay xxx

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