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Friday, November 02, 2012

OOOOO almost a month

Since I last posted ! How slack!
 Just coming to the end of half term- as it was really hectic before at school , i was ready for it . Unfortunately the council had other plans- to completely replace all our radiators and heating. What a mess! I spent three days clearing out clutter ( one very full skip) and making sure there was access to all the radiators. The workmen came in and moved EVERYTHING - like a whirlwind. We spent the day in a freezing cold living room . Dex had to take Dan out for a while as he was stressing so much. I have to say they were not that great and left a dreadful mess at around 6pm . I couldn't even SEE Megan's bed as they had dumped stuff all over it :(
Anyway the electrician who came the next day was an angel! Every where , although desperately needing decorating is now relatively  dust free and tidy again. Just waiting to be inspected and then the roof re lagged .
Tonight I am off, with my sisters to ATDML retreat. We booked quite late and just for the night but i am SO looking forward to it.

I managed to miss Halloween ( knee high in dust) and am back to work on Monday.
I think thats about all my news.

Love Soojay xxx

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