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Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year.

And Happy Christmas ! Sorry MIA recently - I have been crafting on my other blog .
Not my favourite time of year - I hate the cold and dark, don't even like snow- not that we have had any. 
Christmas is a time to "get though" , I am not miserable though and the kids had a great time, we did all the normal stuff- I am, just glad its over :) I always feel better when the tree comes down. Mum died suddenly three days before Christmas 12 yrs ago and this was our first Christmas without Steph.
I have been resting and tidying and making stuff, managed to pay all bills and still have enough to visit sales :)
The children ( dunno why i still call them that- Meg is 18 later this year!) became nocturnal and were not getting up till after lunch -It was nice as it was so quiet in the mornings but not healthy (Meg is diabetic and needs to inject) - so they are all up early today ( and arguing!!)

It was quiet for a little while ;) !!!

I am back to work on Monday and "they " are back at college soon after. I need to sort out Megs next course at college, she is on her second year doing life skills and wants to do an art course next year - in with all the main stream students. Not sure about Dan, he has been doing a "next Steps course" but that is due to finish this year - He wants to do a painting and decorating course at the same college a Megan.
Derek is waiting to hear if he is to be made redundant in the summer, he had been working for the company for 19 years ! 
So lots of changes this year - hopefully all will go smoothly and will be for the better.
If you are still awake...well done!

Love Soojay xx


Lesley G said...

Hope everything goes your way this year :)

My simple life said...

hope you have an amazing year