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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Today's catch up in Pictures

 I am on half term and as its been too cold to do anything in the garden ( as i had planned) - I have slowly been tidying and organizing my craft supplies.
Later in the year i have to completely redecorate and re think the room - i need top downsize and I'd like more space.
Here are the cards I have made over the past year.

 My p paper is a little better but i want to be able to separate the papers and find them more easily so - i do need a different way to store them .

 my desk at the moment- the totes are onlt £1.99 to store the copics - can't think of a cheaper way.

 projects i am working on at the moment .

 Loooooooooook what is on my big shot cutting mat. The lovely postman brought this die yesterday .

 And best of all today - SUNSHINE!! ( my feet are still a bit cold though) .
Doesn't it make everything feel so much better -almost want to go out in the garden- i did say ALMOST ;)

Have a Great Weekend!

Love soojay xxx

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