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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Painting again

It's that time of year again...where hubby goes to watch a rugby match in Wales ( and visit the family) and I try to get a bit of decorating done.
This time it was our bedroom - just as well he was away ( also took Megs this time) as the bed was out of action - I slept in Megs bed.
Anyway- I had my work cut out - I knew the walls would be awful as i quickly popped some wallpaper over the mess when we first moved in .
 The people who lived here before us had painted ( i use the word loosely!!) a tree and grass and a swing one one wall- It was awful!!

 I am not sure they even used paint as Dan and I were able to scrape quite a bit off and then scrubbed the rest off - leaving just a stain.

 We were both filthy afterwards.

There was even a big hole in the plaster board wall where they had slammed the door open :(
 Looking a little better

This is the "Tree wall" . I also painted the door - I hate dark wood.

I should have bought white curtain poles ( I will get some as i think they will look much better , or maybe silver ones).
Anyway I still have a few things to do ( including getting a carpet , when funds allow) .
Hubby is over the moon ( and so grateful he didnt have to do it ;)).

Love Soojay xx

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