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Saturday, August 16, 2014

ohh the shame!

 My craft room is our dinning room and is well overdue a make over!
This is my work space.

 I am painint the walls a pale grey and getting rid of those curtains. There is not really enough light in there - even in the summer- So I need to put the table infront of the window and add some lighting too.
Those chairs are all wobbly and are already thrown out.

 I cannot even get to the filing cabinet ( which needs completely sorting out!) - Having three children with disabilities means a MOUNTAIN of paperwork.

 The floor!! 

 My cupboard is being replaced by an extra large expedit - I bought it just before they stopped making them.

My pc desk - also needs tidying big time.

I am about half way though - two walls have been painted and funiture moved- I still need to do my desk wall and dismantel the cupboard- Then i have the real work- sorting all the stash out!!
All needs to be done in the next two weeks.

Love Soojay xx

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