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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not enough hours!!

 Even though it is half term  (and I have been laying in till 8) there is still so much to do!
I started a Level 4 course in October and have to finish by December. I have a 1500 word essay to do this week and a few other bits and pieces - just did a 600 word evaluation on a lesson from last week.

Need to get done so I can get to my craft desk - underneath.
I also have *homework* from Megan's social worker - some MORE forms that I was hoping she would do!! Poor Meg cant get support until they are sorted , so thats first on my list this afternoon.
I said I would tidy the garden up - I MAY do a before and after pic , if it gets done! It will also require the hiring of a skip!
I have a haircut booked for tomorrow and I need to pack for the ATDML retreat on Friday - SO looking forward to that!

Will be back with photos of That!

Soojay xx

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