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Sunday, November 30, 2014

And more Soap!

 First a re cap on the lemon soap- I dyed it a pale lemon and tried to swirl the colours into the bar - unfortunately - the colours just stayed on the top but I still like the look and the soap has a lovely delicate lemon zest smell ( I might use more essential oil next time )
The lip balm got a good revue from my tester :) I think its still a little hard So when I make my next lot, I will add more butter and oil.
The poppy seed that I put on top of the Coconut soap bar, all fell off as I had suspected and the ones on the bottom , mixed in the whole bar but worked quite well.

While this soap doesnt look much, - I need to work on my decoative abilities- It smells HEAVENLY!
Dyed a pale purple - usining red and blue dye - I have no purple (yet).
The essential oil is Violet- Yummm.

Love Soojay xxx

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