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Sunday, June 28, 2015

First Bar B que

 First Bar B Que of the year .
Please excuse the garden next door - the house has been sold but no one is living there at the moment so it is all overgrown.

 I made pimms ( strawberry) and everyone liked it INCLUDING Dan ( I had to take the fruit etc out of course). by the way , Dan was Sort of with us but took his to his room - don't boy dissolve in sunlight nowadays ??!

 Some of the pot plants and the little ones are tomatoe plants grown from seed .

 Just a few of Derek's sunflowers

 We had to buy new tomatoe plants as Derek managed to kill the last three !!

 The next bit of the garden to be sorted. The clematis has to go - there is a garage door behind all that AND an old unused coal bunker.

We want to put a lean to green house in its place .

Love Soojay xx

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