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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Garden update

 Just a quickie- things are slowly growing - here is my herb pot next to the back door - I LOVE basil .

 Some of the pots 

 The baby tomatoes that we grw from seed are coming along nicely.

We replaced the ones that Dex killed ( by over feeding) but they will be a bit late now - hopefully the weather will be kind.

 My pretty white hydranger just starting to flower- its a bit twiggy , so I MUST remember to cut it right back this Autumn.

 Some of Dex sunflowers
Some more

 My job next weekend- To remove all this - There is a garage under there AND a door!

Chilli plant - never grown one before - its flowering - we shall see .
That's it for now .
Enjoy a Sunny weekend 

Love Soojay xx

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