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Monday, January 30, 2006

First post

Well, i seemed to have managed this far. Very first "go" at a Blog.
To day has probably been the worse for sometime...I meesed up straight away ( though didn't know till lunchtime) by forgetting to give Meg her injection this morning! First time ever!! Found out by being called to the office to find Derek sitting waiting for me as the school had rung up asking for him to take in another blood tester and he couldn't find it. The Teaching Assistant thought the one at school was faulty as her blood sugar read 28 ( instead of 7...well you would wouldn't you!) Anyway, i don't get mother of the year this year!!
Dad came home from hospital ( had his left leg amputated just after new year). I went round after i got home from work. Cooked him some soup and tried to sort some bits out of him. Thankfully he has an alarm to wear. He has lost so much weight and looked so small.
Nats has been fussing all night about him, "do you think he will be alright?" "are you going to put him to bed?" Etc.
Managed two rows with Dex, one for him being woken up (re blood test) and one for being round dad's too long and he had to cook tea...both resolved very quickly and he said sorry first..i think we are both really tired.
Hadn't intended on making my first post soo long and moany ( i know thats not an actual word:))..If this doen't contain any spelling mistakes i will faint.
I haven't had chance to talk about any of my passions yet like: Scrapbooking or DarrenHayes ohh well next time.......

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Annette said...

Oh I'm sure it won't be long before one of them is mentioned ;) Sorry you had such a bad day my lovely xx