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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is it only Tuesday?

Feels like the middle of the week already.
Got loads of "stuff" scrap wise to do and tonight i am too tired! Ohh well will have to stay up late tomorrow night and sort some of it out.
Got some Looovley Maya road stash today..hidden up already so Dex doesn't see..can't really aford it! And i ordered the Heidi Swapp" Love your handwritting" book from Amazon ..ooops :)
It was a lot cheaper than in any stores though..just need to get to the post before Dex LOL
Meg seems none the worse for her hyper yesterday ..infact in top form ..not sleeping tonight.
Dad had some brill news as he is going to the hosp on Fri to see if he CAN be fitted with a false leg. There were people round his today sorting out his house. He will get some ramps at the back of the house and some work done on his bathroom. :)
It has gone quite now upstairs :) Dex has gone to bed ..i have threatened the children , they will go to bed a 7pm...ohh i LOVE it when its quiet :)

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