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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Forgive me i have sinned..........

...................It has been a week since I last blogged ;)
Just been really busy at work. This week and next week loads of exams to cover at school ( and trips out ) So it has been madness really, hardly time to go to the loo let alone actually sit down and eat lunch. The great thing is I have no homework from my course this week as I am all caught up :)
Behavioural course to go on next week ( no Steph, NOT for my bad behaviour!) Looking forward to that as it is in a really posh hotel with lunch included :) AND it is free.
We had a new carer start this week ( so we can go out on a thurs night) , think they wore the last one out! It had been a few weeks since anyone had been, so it was looovley to go out to tea and get the shopping on Thursday, I had forgotten how nice to eat without having to get up or sort out a row LOL!
No scrapping done this week but, I have some inchies to do and the most Gorgeous kit from ScrapaGoGo to play with tomorrow. Dex has said he will take them to see Pirates..did I want to go?? I would love to see Johnny but i'll wait for the DVD and scrap instead :)
Finally went to the doc's about my face ( again no comments Steph!). I have Acne Rosasea. I remember learning all about it hundreds of years ago as a beauty therapist and feeling sorry for the poor old dears who suffered. Anyway he told me to go easy on the make up ( I told him that hell will freeze over before I stop wearing the camouflage stuff at school...I get enough stick from the kids as it is!! mostly for being short LOL) He gave me some antibiotics and a soap substitute.I DID say that if the skin on my face gets thicker or my nose change shape ( can happen in bad cases ) he is to book me in for surgery immediately!
Meg is off to France for he day on Friday, I have to go into her school in my lunch time to show them how to draw up an injection, leave my phone turned on all day ( at work) just incase. Drop her off at 5.30am and pick her up just before midnight, ohh and they can't find the medical insurance card that I sent in in Feb, could i get another ??? JOY!!

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