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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Too Busy

To Scrap! :(
Lots going on at work, exams, courses, day trips. Governor meetings at Dans school one each Wed for he next three weeks ( takes me over an hour just to get there )
Meg has been off school all week with a "tummy ache" hummmmmmmm. She was supposed to go to France for the day on Friday but i think she chickened out ...wouldn't mind if it wasn't for 1. The cost , doubt we shall see that again. and 2, all the organisation ( because of her diabetes and need for injections ) ohh well. Its a new week LOL.
Got up early this morn to make a couple of Fathers day cards. I will pinch Dex's off him later and scan it in. I used some of the "Elsie" range of papers.
Not sure what the plan is today..whatever Dex wants. I do need to do some photocopying.where can i do THAT on a Sunday!!! And i have a little bit of homework ( for tomorrow ..eeek) to do.
Off to Debden next weekend with Nets to meet some very MAD scrappers. Really excited now though i DO need to get a bit organised. And i still have to make a Tiara (?!) LOL
Ohh almost forgot...thought i'd let Darren Have a rest ( until his new album is out) and LOVE Michael Buble at the mo. His is the only version of "Me and Mrs Jones" I'll tolerate LOL ..That flipping song haunts me !!
Hope you have a great week ( whoever reads this ) and Hope he sun shines all week.

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