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Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank hol weekend

A visit from Nets and Rose and then Andrea, Mark and James Saturday :)
Dex finally got hold of a wii fit and I phoned comet and told them what to do with their pre order! He is now addicted to going on it and I have yet to have a go.
Yesterday Dex and Dan went to the last footy match of the season while i re did my craft/ dining room. Although it is alot better and feels like there is more room, i am still not happy with it and have just orderd some more storage.
Today , baking, tidying and laundry. Dan is staying at school tomorrow night and is also off to Wales for a week on Friday :) :)
Year 9 SATS start tomorrow and i am a prompt for one of the pupils i support in two maths! Its really boring as you have to watch the whole time and cannot do anything else.
Theres yr 10 mocks followed by yr 11 GCSE's till almost the end of term now and we have to cover nearly every exam.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find a pic of our Nets with no glasses? :0) Speaking of looks, Meg lokks 50% like Dex & 50% like you ... spooky xox

lyzzydee said...

Baby I'm your man yes I am, baby I'm your man