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Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

But no scrapping :(

Photos of Nats and Jo just before they left for the Glitter Ball. they had a great time. Dex took them , dropped them off and took Meg to the with Dan in Wales , i was alone for a while.......blissful cept Dex phoned FOUR times! Dan phoned telling me that there was an accident on the way to Wales and they were turned back, so didn't get there till midnight. He had got ALL his trousers wet, had he PSP confiscated for fighting, ohh and ruined his school shoes on the beach! JOY........sigh

Yesterday Dex said we should go out as it was too nice to stay in. SO, we started off at the garden center (as i needed some weed killer ) and had lunch there. We then went to Wroxham Barns where the girls played on the mini fun fair and won a few bits of rubbish. We got to Croma at about 4pm and sat on the beach for a while. Meg and Dex went in for a paddle and Meg got soaked (as usual).

On the way home, we stopped in Norwich at the Chinese buffet for tea. The girls loved it. I have to say that we don't very often go out together for a meal but it went really well. They even tried new food....Meg and Nats liked the duck ( until i told them what it was!LOL)

Its yr 10 mock exams this week at school and although it is only Monday , today felt like a couple of days at work!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos babes. Natalie looked stunning!!!!

suebaru said...

Oh,I love Wroxham Barns...seems ages since we last went though!