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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Well I was going to say its been a quiet weekend....

....but it never is here!!! LOL We popped out for a little while today but not before the whole lot of them ( incl Dex) had temper tantrums. JOY.
I am daft coz ( being an optimist) I thought that when the children got older , they would be better behaved. But no ...they just know more swear words to call each other!! ( I do have one to explain the meaning of to Megan later)

Anyway, we only went to the Range (they spent more than me) and Mac Donald's ( i have indigestion!). Dan couldn't cope with eating out , so we stayed in the car.

I made a card last night. A late anniversary card for my sis :( HOW could i forget?! It was a scrap lift from Monica at ScrapaGoGo using bits left over from previous kits.
Have a great week.

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