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Saturday, June 28, 2008


This week was SO busy, apart from work everyday, i have been out every night except Tuesday!

Monday i went back to school to a drugs talk. I really was quite dim and knew very little about what drugs are av. to school children. I know a little more now :( So thankful that I didn't see anything like that when I was at school. I thought that cigarettes and alcohol was bad enough!!

Weds Dex and I went out for out weekly meal and shop which was great. The children were playing up when the carer arrived this week...she looked quite shocked, at least she understands why we need her now LOL

Thursday I popped to Harleston To meet Gail ( ephemera from UKS ) she is lovely :) and i even enjoyed the drive out.

Friday I went to Duxford with 45 15 yr olds. It was a lovely day but we had a lot of work to do ( worksheets) My group were really well behaved. I took loads of photos and Dex can identify ALL the planes!!

In the evening Dex decided that it would be nice for us all go out for tea....he always forgets that last time! The children really didn't want to go, they don't like spending time with each other and its constant fighting. I rang round my sisters but no one else wanted to come with us either LOL ( very sensible!!) We ended up going to Mac Donald's and eating it in the car. JOY!! Everyone was happy to get home.

Today was nice, I went to the Wyverstone crop and spent the day chatting shopping and a tiny bit of scrapping.

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