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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A quick layout

This is done using the pencil lines sketch this week. I am half way though another and will hopefully upload tomorrow.
Its been a hard week ( what week isn't LOL) Dan was in big trouble at school and is excluded for two days. We have another long chat but i am concerned that it might have something to do with the fact that we are slowly withdrawing one of his meds. The consultant did say that he might have more problems with temper but it needs to be over a period of time before we can be sure. That means he may well get into more trouble :( The good thing is that so far although his tics increased slightly, they seem OK now. The consultant has another type of medication ready if Dan needs it but as he has had to increase the meds for the night time epilepsy, I am not happy about starting more unless it is really necessary and of course we have to consider what Dan wants.
Work has also been hard this week, must be because there is so much going on at school. Some of the pupils seem off the wall too!


Cath said...

Love it Sue.I recognise the cup as i have it too from the GoGo kit :)

Anonymous said...

Can't read the writing it is too small xoxoxoxox

Jane said...

Love how you used the chippie cup Sue, great LO, fab journaling too.
Hope things settle down for Dan...tough time for you both I'm sure.