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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Worn Out!

I had a lovely day at Wyverstone crop yesterday, although i mostly talked and did very little scrapping. I have a book ready to pop some photos in next week for a friend and i made a fab little 3D cupcake with a Paper pizzaz stencil that i borrowed. I accidentally ordered my own stencil today ooops!
VERY stressful day today as we ALL went to look at a new car for me. The car is just what i want but the children played up big time. We popped into the Range on the way home but they weren't any better behaved :( In fact Nats called us to the customer service counter when she had been to the loo as she couldn't be bothered to look for us!! Ahhhhh.
We have to go back and pick the car up next weekend ( as i didn't have that amount in cash on me)
One more week till end of term...I just wish i didn't have so many appointments in the holiday!!
Am half way though a Lo , will try to photograph it during the week and upload.


Monika said...

Thanks so much for your lovely vcomment in my blog. Of cause you may use the idea ;) I´d be flattered!

Maria said...

Almost there for the holidays.

Have fun in your new car.

Happy Friday xxx

Jen said...

OOh a new car! I am longing for one, and if I change jobs I'll have an excuse to get one. Sorry the kids were playing up though. HUGS xxx