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Monday, August 03, 2009

A layout!

This is one of the photos from Dan's school trip to Wales earlier this year. Its based on a sketch but i can't remember where i got it from. The sketch is included and if i can find the site i got it from, i will link HERE.
I have worked out why i can't scrap much at the moment. Its because my PC is right next to the scrap ( dinning ) table and EVERYONE wants to use my PC.
Dex is CONSTANTLY on it :( Ever since i bought that flipping iPhone and he discovered FB he is addicted to all the apps and the chatting on my pc. I bought the lead for Dans laptop so he could use that but now of course Meg has pinched the lead for hers and i had to order a new one. Dan came in tonight asking me to sort out a FB account on his laptop when the other lead arrives. Dan hasn't used his laptop for ages!! Grrr That means Dex will still be on mine. I have to save up and get him his own. I don't mind them occasionally using mine but i don't get to use when i want. Anyway its MINE LOL!