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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two More cards

From last night. I love the new Martha Stewart butterfly punch - can you tell?? LOL It IS smaller than I thought it would be but great for cards :D

A busy day of cooking planned ahead ( if I ever get myself started!!) I have also just found out that the Key lime pies i have been making are , in fact, NOT key lime pies in the traditional sense. Because I haven't used egg yolks, so no cooking needed and have been using Persian limes NOT key limes which are a lot smaller. Also instead of putting cream on the top, i have mixed it in with the filling. Anyway, my way is quicker and most people seem to like them :)

Well I had better get moving ..hope to make a few more cards later though ;)

1 comment:

Muckyfingers said...

I cannot WAIT to use that punch in anger. Don't they cut cleanly tho!!!!! Loverly cards my sweet xxx