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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not Too Sure about this one

I Love the way Debbie scraps and this was inspired by one of her Lo's that she taught at ATDML recently. After going back and looking at her's , i am thinking that this is more of a mess and has too many gaps in it..ahh well may do another one.

I enjoyed taking the photos and finding out a little about my town. We have so many listed buildings! Looking at it though the eyes of a Tourist is quite something :D I have lived here since I was 11, with a five year break when Derek was in the RAF. I have lived in 5 different houses. The house I live in now, is built on the grounds of the second house we lived in ( it was pulled down in the late 70's ) and this house has the same view from the back as the old one had from the front..its quite nice sometimes to look out at the tree and remember when I was young and both mum and dad were alive, and although I fought with them daily, my sisters were all here :D
Right! enough of that..its a beautiful sunny day and I need to put the washing out.
Bye for now xx


Cath x said...

I personally think it's fabulous!

Muckyfingers said...

I wonder if it still had the nail that Steph (?) or me (?) put in it...
Love it Soo, as you so rightly put, our history xoxoxoxox