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Friday, April 02, 2010

Very lazy day

I did make a card for MIL though :)

The rest of the day has been just pottering about, catching up on all the blogs i love to read as well as this list to the right, i also have a very long list saved to my favs.
It has been a busy week, work was MANIC yesterday and i stayed an extra two hours to catch up for the hols.
Nats has gone off with girls group to the circus in Gt Yarmouth this evening ( nice way to start Easter) . I have a birthday to prepare for as Megs 15th falls on Easter Sunday this year.
Derek has bought himself an XBox 360 and has reverted to being a child again..all i can hear is gun fire at the moment...he is not going to be Happy when i tell him his tea is ready in a little while!
I am planning another lazy day tomorrow although the house desperately needs hoovering and the living room is staring to look like a laundry again.
Have a good weekend

1 comment:

Cath x said...

Awww what a gorgeous card. Is it a Magnolia?

I must admit i'm the child in this house Soo haha