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Saturday, October 23, 2010

And its half term!

At last!! The last couple of weeks have taken ages to get though. So much has been going on at work. I am not that good at this time of year and could quite easily hibernate till Spring or better still fly south.
Popping to see lovely Steph on Sunday , can't wait for a squeeze. I am cooking a couple of nice dishes to tempt her back to eating again ..sausage plait in the oven right now.
Apart from a bit of tidying and re organization, i have little plans for half term. Hopefully my other blog will fill up with lots of cards and projects that i get chance to do. I already have some ideas and if i let the kids............(kids!! teens) stay up late, they won't get up till at least lunchtime and i can have a peaceful morning :D

Catch you later

Love Soojay xxx

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