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Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Rant!

It really Is a little rant ..but ...needed atm.
Rubbish day at work, really busy , no time to eat lunch let alone go to the loo..felt like i got nothing done.
After tea i decide to chill out and get ahead of the game for once..a bit of scrapping and card making. End up spending ages looking for stuff i can't find :( My craft room is in SUCH a mess!! Need to be tidied at the weekend.
In the midst of this Nats comes back from the girls group she attends on a Monday night and says that Pat needs me ASAP ( i am in my jammies ) ..I find a coat ( its Daniels ) pop it on and go to the front door. Her daughter has had a fit and she needs me to follow her her in my car and help her get Maxine into the house. Derek is playing on the xBox and ignoring all this! So i get in my car , drive round to Pats help Pat get daughter into house and into bed. Maxine is fine now and sleeping. I drive home and Derek is STILL on Xbox. Nats tells me that Gladys the fabulous woman from MENCAP who used to organize all the trips in the summer has died of cancer :( :(
So feeling a bit fed up.
At least they have all gone to bed to leave me in peace for a bit ..mind you its almost my bedtime now....Where did the day go to?!
Here's to a better day tomorrow.

Love Soojay xx


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