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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photography Field Trip

I was lucky enough to take a pupil along with some yr 10's to Thornham Woods with their photography teacher on a field trip today. There was a lovely gallery to look round. I got invited to a paper making/book binding course on Friday. Unfortunately I will be at work :(
After a talk and look around the gallery, we went for a walk. It brought back lots of happy memories of when I used to stay there in the Summer time on Scrapbook retreats.
The pupils were given certain criteria for their photographs: Each time they stopped, to photograph their feet, straight up, panoramic views, a worms view and close ups of texture.
Of course I took my camera and played along too. It was great fun.
Here are some of the photos that i like.

They don't really need any explanation.

I am pleased with this one.

LOL Our feet - I said i did as they were told!

This is my favorite of the 158 that i took.

A little too much sun on this one.

Another fav.
I have a very mediocre camera and only an hours training with Kirsty Wiseman about four years ago. So, I don't think i did too badly :)

Love Soojay xxx

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