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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New shoes!!

I have recently been raving about the tReds shoe store. I LOVE shoes and cheaper shoes are even better. One word of warning..DO be careful when ordering the correct size! Derek loves converse and has a couple of pairs already. He saw some recently in a high street store but I said No.. I'll look on tReds to see if I can get them cheaper..............RESULT..size 13 ( he has enormous feet!) £22 , so I ordered ( a pair of sketchers also fell into the basket in my "normal" size.) Derek has been waiting for the delivery ever since. And today they arrived...

........No Matter what angle you look at them from, they don't look any bigger!! OOOPs..I ordered a CHILDS size 13.

Even the box is too small. He is currently sulking.

These little beauties are mine. They fit perfectly, are comfortable and £10 cheaper than high street stores at £14.99.

My feet are far too cold to actually wear them today though.

I have been blog hopping and spending too much time sat here reading posts, blogs and browsing on-line stores. I would like to share a lovely blog with you by Hannah go check it out you won't be disappointed.

Love soojay xxx


Jo.C said...

I'm sorry I know he won't be pleased but that has really made me smile - oops :0)

lyzzydee said...