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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Trip Out

To see Ness at papermaze. I took Natalie as she and I rarely go out together and although I have already got her birthday presents, a girl can never have too much stash.

As usual I nearly missed the turn off LOL. It was a lovely sunny day so quite a nice drive.

Yesterday I trimmed and coloured Meg's hair. She had been crazing for sometime. As her hair is so long and thick, I have to use two bottles of dye.
I am hoping to tidy the garden up a bit tomorrow if there is still a bit of sun about.
I am LOVING the Easter hols as so far, its been sunny ( if not as warm as I'd like it).
We are having Chinese for tea tonight as a special treat ( we don't usually have it DURING the week) NO cooking ........result!

Ohh you want to know what I bought at papermaze ????
I'll post later ;)

Love Soojay xx

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog...Its nice to know its getting read :) Also, can you let your daughter know I lover her hair colour - I think I might be getting mine died a similer colour soon :)