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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week End Catch up

Finally got to watch fight Club. Wasn't interested when it first came out as I thought it would just be violent ..and it is ..but ..a really good film and I dont mind watching Brad Pitt :D.

This is the weather this weekend! Most of the washing has had to be tumble dried :(.
I went out with some friends to watch performances by the Dove players and friends..very nice.
As usual the weekend has whizzed by too fast... I did manage to take part in some of the ATDML cyber crop challenges ( you need to read my other blog for that info).
Derek enjoyed his father's day :)

See you later!
Love Soojay xxx


Subhro said...
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Subhro said...

Coincidentally I also watched the movie fight club last night...and loved it...
any way I like ur blog...but couldn't find out how can i follow ur blog...I was roaming around and found ur blog...
One more thing I am book lover too...but generally I end up with thrillers or business books...or headaches..:)
Now a days I am reading a book its stephen king's the Stand...hope u hv already read that one..if u hvnt then u can give it a try...

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