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Thursday, June 02, 2011

And Tonight We have Baked Spuds

With Prawns, salad and garlic bread. No salad or prawns for Dan though- he has tuna (no mayo) .
No dessert tonight, they can grab a yoghurt if they are still hungry after that !

How is it possible to be so tired when I have done so little!? I have not touched the ironing and have loads to do but just can't be bothered.

Dan stayed with a mate last night , so it was lovely and quiet here for most of the day - when he got home , he made up for it by winding up his sisters big time....sigh

Most medical appointments have been sorted , just got to arrange a new epileptic appoint for Dan and Nats as, although I made the appointment, they didn't and when we turned up, they didn't have one for us...Wouldn't have minded so much if they had said sorry!

Meg finally has an interview at college next week :) Unfortunately we are now without a Prom venue as the place they were holding it has closed down and the kids have lost over £800..The prom committee are looking else where and there are a few weeks to go , so cross your fingers.

Love Soojay xxx

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Muckyfingers said...

I really really really want to come to yours for tea xx