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Sunday, December 04, 2011


Where HAS the time gone to!? We are now into "Silly" season and I seem to have very little time to get stuff done - I ought to try going faster!
Two more weeks at school before we before we break up, one trip , three meals out and one Ofsted inspection.
Cutting back big time of Prezzies, my Children are not children anymore and have most of the things they need already. So hopefully we won't break the bank this year- we still need a dish washer though :)
My Sister Steph is waiting to go home after a week in hospital for an op to help her breath. I am going to stay for a few days at the end of next week and Our Sis Annette is off to see her before that.
Little sis has moved house, I have yet to pop round to see them :( and is tying the knot later this month - So busy time.
Thankfully (in THIS house) we are all well at the moment ( I expect that flu jab helped!)
That's about it for this quick update - frantically making up Christmas cards over on my other blog.

Love Soojay xxx

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Lorraine said...

We did Ofsted as well. How did it go?