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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grunpy grumpy grumpy!

That's how I feel this week. I seem to always be playing catch up with paying bills, filling in forms etc- When did everything get SO complicated?!
Meg is being such a pain at the mo - well her gadgets are anyway. She broke her mobile phone ( Derek's old iphone and still on contract with O2) . I rang to see how much it would cost  £75-140 ...i DON'T think so , its not worth £70! So i order a repair kit from Amazon for £6 :) - I repair the glass - it all works but the screen is almost white so i order a new LDC AND upgrade her phone with O2 - she is happy and I should have a spare hand set ( if i get round to fixing it) for Natalie.
 O2 have charged me £35 for her calls from Tuesday!!! They have now put it on unlimited texts but I will still get the bill for £35 + the monthly charge of £21 at the end of the month- not Happy!!
I have also just had her laptop repaired ( still in warranty - just). Every time I look at her she wants something at the mo - I just want to hide!!
 I am So tired- I called social services a few weeks for a carers assessment as we haven't had any support for years now and could do with a little- they said yes they would get someone to come round but i have not heard anything , so i guess i have to call again.
I have decided that i am doing nothing much today - work has also been full on this week - so I am going to make some cards and relax....................................Famous last words!!

Love Soojay xxx

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