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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Day In London

On Monday to see the Gorgeous Darren Hayes with my sisters.

Started off not so good as it was raining hard all the way down and Annette was waiting for a call to see if she still had a job!! Thankfully she does.
This is the very wet empty car park at the O2.

We got the tube into the city and headed straight for China Town for lunch.
It had stopped raining.

Lunch was lovely.

Covent Garden - I had never been before - very pretty stalls.
Very pretty sisters too! 

Although they don't believe me!

 The sun came out
A walk in the park..

To see the Queen - she was home .
I also stupidly raced my sisters up 5 flights of stairs in Waterstones while they took the lift- I couldnt talk for 20 mins!!
We wandered around the city shops for a while and then headed back to the O2.

In all its glory

pretty architecture - the water is running down those grassy walls .
Calls home to check everyone is okay.
Tea in the "slug and lettuce" 

The show - in the Indigo room - Brilliant seat as we could see everything ( not always possible as we are such shorties!!) We were close to the stage . The support act "The Candle Thieves" were good. 
I got told off for taking this photo and was not allowed to take any more .

Brilliant day - ended too soon.

Love Soojay xxx

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