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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Poor Meg

New braces put in yesterday. We have to tighten them every night :( she also has to have a check up every week :(
My fault, we have awful teeth in our family - lots of us had an extra "eye" tooth- Megs was removed a few years ago but her jaw is too small for all those teeth and we have a hospital appoint next month for her to go in and have two wisdom teeth ( growing sideways!!) to be removed.
Being diabetic is hard enough food wise without having to make sure that it is soft or liqiud.
at the moment she is in pain  and very tired ( hence her colour) but we have given her ibuprofen, soft tooth brush, salt mouth wash - the dentis forgot to give us the gel and wax so we will have to pick it up in the week.
Anyone have any good tips for pain relief or recipes for college packed lunches, i will be very grateful.
So far we have :

Need something savory ( apart from soup - she cant/wont heat it up at college)


Love Soojay xxx 

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