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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Tired but on Track

 This is what eldest daughters room looked like on Sunday when I started to clear it. I decorated it years ago - she is now 28 and was a teen when i first did it. Purple is her fav colour -hense the carpet and walls. The boarder pulled off paint with it when i removed it  :(

Blocked gutters caused this all sorted now though.

 Natalie has learning problems and also dyspraxia- I don't know if this is why she finds it so difficult to tidy up or if she is just lazy! I don't do it very often as i think she OUGHT to have a go. I can tell you quite a bit of this went in the skip!!

 She likes to scrapbook and make things , so I will be trying to organize her space better for her

She is messy with her DST and stickles - so that carpet will go and be replaced with something easier to clean!

 Polyfilled the walls and painted the woodwook on Monday.

 also painted the ceiling- much better!

 Two coats of violet white on three walls  today (Tues)- Needs one more though as I can see bits of that turquoise paint showing through .

Getting there -just having a late lunch and then one more coat of paint on those walls.
I still have one wall to wallpaper and furniture to paint and a curtain pole to put up.
Hopefully tomorrow I can lay the flooring and put the bed together.
Then Thursday start to move things back in :)
Watch this space!

Love Soojay xx

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Sylvia Meppen-Rentenaar said...

Wow Sue! You have a major job done! xxx